Mobile Field Service

The Innosoft Mobile Field Service supports the sales or service engineers with the acquisition of proposals and reports respectively the returning of the order data to the head office. The feedback of times, spare parts, expenses and reports is the basis for the further processing in wage accounting, sales department, accounting system, and in the quality assurance.



Innosoft offers three possibilities of the mobile connection: The Notebook Solution, the PDA Solution and the Web Feedback.

Feedback: With this program it is possible to acquire and calculate the accrued hours, spare parts and expenses for each resource. Overtime regulations can be deposited, which are used for the automatic determination of the personnel costs on the basis of the entered working hours. Of course, additional costs, e.g. expenses and costs for overnight stays, can be registered with the tool as well. In addition it is possible to administrate current states of projects, material data, parts conditions, or assembly reports.

Data transfer: The order data can be transferred, e.g. by modem coupling, from the Innosoft Resource planning or the Innosoft Customer Relationship Management or they can be entered directly into the notebook on site. For the evaluation of the progress of assignments or projects the completion degree and the required hours are indicated.

Reporting system and fault analyses: Mechanic’s reports reflect the quality status of the delivered machines. Correctly used they build the basis for the further development of the products and/or the basis of sales talks. Standardised forms help to avoid the individual report composition by the technician and guarantee the completeness of the required data by default mandatory fields. The reports for the customer can be printed out on site and get signed by the customer. The internal service reports are allocated to the machine history in the Customer Relationship Management.

Proposals: The sales or service engineer can acquire the requirements directly at the customer, prepare the proposal and print it out. After the visit the proposal data are transferred into the central proposal system.

Procedures: Procedures can be created both in the Innosoft Customer Relationship Management and directly in the Mobile Field Service program. Via a defined workflow the created procedures are forwarded to the responsible person for further processing.