The importance of the service in companies changed fundamentally during the last years. Service is no longer only an – unpleasant – secondary business in the context of the product sales, but rather an independent company division with its own strategies. Apart from the classical product support such as repair services etc. further tasks such as e.g. sales, customer care or quality assurance are now part of the service as well.

Modern service management systems support the user in all stages of the service process, starting with the external/internal service inquiry via planning and co-ordination up to the invoicing of the performed works. The effective access to all relevant resources such as e.g. material, employees, schedules, documents and further operating supplies must be ensured at any time and should be supported by professional tools for the administration and evaluation of the accruing data.

The Innosoft Service Management System supports all functions in the customer service, from the project planning and resource planning to the field service connection and the invoicing. The modular structure of the system meets increasing demands and can be developed according to requirements from simple resource planning to a complete service management system.

Here’s an overview of the software solutions of the Innosoft Service Management System: