Module 1

Module 1

Graphical / Geographical Planning

Innosoft Resource Planning is a comprehensive tool for the planning and supervision of projects, assignments, and resources. The system provides a clear graphical representation of the personnel and machine planning and – combined with the module GeoMap – also allows the ideal planning of routes.

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Module 3

Module 3

Mobile Field Service

The Innosoft Mobile Field Service is the optimal support for field representatives at work. By means of the direct feedback of the assignment data (times, spare parts, travel expenses, assembly reports etc.) right after completion of the services on site the service assignments can promptly be processed further  and approved for invoicing in the head office.

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Module 4

Module 4

Project Management

When it comes to the planning and implementation of complex projects in the sector of machinery and plant engineering, Innosoft Project Management is the ideal tool for the graphical scheduling and capacity control, from the construction to the manufacture and the assembly. In addition, the always up-to-date overview of the order workflow and the capacity requirements in each area facilitates the creation of the annual business plan.

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Module 2

Module 2

Customer Relationship Management / Helpdesk

The Innosoft Customer Relationship Management functions as a perfect interface between company and customer. With the complete customer and machine history all relevant data are available at any time and can be prepared for sophisticated analysis and marketing purposes quickly and easily.

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Leaner Processes

KHS: Schlankere ProzesseLeaner Processes with Digital Performance Records

In the past the KHS AG, one of the world's leading manufacturers of packaging and bottling plants, administered performance records on paper. Today the feedback reports of the service technicians are acquired digitally with the Mobile Field Service by Innosoft, which led to a significantly faster accounting.

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Success as a Tradition
The company KHS AG, founded in Dortmund in the year 1868 by the entrepreneurs Holstein and Kappert as Holstein and Kappert GmbH, can look back at a more than 140-year tradition as a mechanical engineering company for beverage technology. The product portfolio covers complete packaging and bottling plants, from the cleaning of the machines up to the packaging and shipment preparation. In Germany almost 3,000 employees work for KHS, world-wide more than 5,000 people are employed, among them are alone 597 technicians in the service sector. The turnover in the year 2007 ran up to nearly a billion Euros.

World-wide Branching Out
The production is divided onto 13 locations: Apart from the headquarters in Dortmund there are branches in Hamburg, Bad Kreuznach, Bad Arolsen, Kleve, Kriftel, Worms and Niederzissen. The international departments are based in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Ahmedabad (India), Waukesha (Wisconsin, USA), Sarasota (Florida, USA) as well as in close proximity to Shantou (China) and Mexico City (Mexico). The huge factory of the Mexican branch supplies beside Mexico also the customers in Central America and the Caribbean Region. The Asian market is supplied from India, where the production takes place on an area of 110,000 square meters.

High Demands due to High Administrative Costs
Such a world-wide branched out company structure requires high administration expenditure. Considering the strong competition they have got to save costs and time in all possible sectors, and this is why today no company can afford to handle the field service by means of planning charts or tabular calculations. 1996 two software modules of the service management system by Innosoft have already been introduced at the KHS AG: the Resource Planning for the capacity control and arrangement of the service assignments as well as the invoice processing for the assembly accounting. At first only Dortmund, Worms and Bad Kreuznach worked with the software, meanwhile the resource planning is world-wide in use at approximately 25 locations. 2007 KHS decided to support also the world-wide active field representatives in the acquisition of the records, vouchers and service reports with a software solution of Innosoft: the Mobile Field Service.

Benefits of the Digital Performance Record
In the context of the VDMA meeting "North-Rhine/Westphalia ERFA 2008 Service 2", which was held at the beginning of December of the past year in the technology centre Dortmund, Mr. Knabe, the service manager for central installation & activation at KHS, reported in his lecture "Digital Performance Record" about his experiences with the Mobile Field Service of Innosoft. Mr. Knabe said that the reasons for the introduction of the digital performance record have been above all the minimization of paper masses, the realization of leaner processes, the improved information flow of the construction sites, optimized controlling possibilities, as well as the faster accounting and invoicing.

From Planning to Realization
Before the introduction of the digital performance record, the performance records in paper form, which were filled out by hand, required an average processing time of approximately four weeks. This is why Mr. Knabe regards the saving of time as a substantial advantage of the digital processing. In contrast to this the expenditure of time for the connection of the mobile field service was relatively small. In October 2007 the product requirement specifications were created together, the test phase of the pilot project and the presentation of the software to the technicians have already been realized in December of the same year. A further intensive test phase with selected technicians followed in February 2008, before in April the productive start began. In the course of the year further training courses were held, which could be completed in December 2008.

First Successes Quickly Recognizable
First results could be seen soon. Apart from the faster invoicing to the customers and the improved customer binding coming along with it, also the satisfaction of the internal employees could be increased due to a faster account, e.g. of expenses. Potential sources of errors, which were caused by the manual input before, now were a thing of the past.

Integration into Existing ERP System
The technical requirements for the introduction of the Mobile Field Service with the digital performance record are easily manageable according to Mr. Knabe. The service technicians should be equipped with notebooks and signature pads, in order to be able to report back their data from the location of the assignment to the head office without any time delay. Since SAP is the leading system in the company, interfaces must be installed for the digital accounting and acquisition. All actual data, like service reports and feedback times, are transferred to SAP from Innosoft. The transfer of the basic data and contact data (addresses, contact partners, machines etc.) or spare part orders with provision date runs in the opposite direction from SAP to Innosoft.

Satisfaction Among Customers and Employees
The customers receive a digitally signed service report, which is clearly readable. Due to an extensive coding of the individual work steps and procedures it is possible to acquire the report e.g. in the German language and print the report e.g. in English. Apart from the satisfaction of the customers also the own employees can be motivated best by being able to participate actively in the design and arrangement of the digital performance record; desired changes are tried out and realized as far as possible. Furthermore, the employees now have a simple and transparent possibility of providing their (travel) expenses account. Due to the shortened processing times the employees get their expenses reimbursed faster. In addition, the employees have the possibility of participating in the Installed base in order to realize a clear machine structure at the customers.

Excellent Future Prospects
The field service at KHS is fit for the future. Starting from January 2009 all feedback reports at the KHS AG are exclusively managed in digital form, the Competence Centres receive fault reports on the individual machines or plants in regular intervals, and due to the digital acquisition regular hourly evaluations can be provided without great expenditure.